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These images were taken when the clay was still soft and so the final surface finish will be different as further smoothing is done when the clay contains less moisture. The smoothing marks on the scuttle are prominent because the bowl was joined to the base at the top and so the clay is smoothed together to create a firm join.

After firing this clay changes colour to the stone-like brown/grey. I will glaze the handle and half way down the scuttle & mug in the matte black glaze, to leave the lower half bare clay (like my usual mugs). The inside of the scuttle will also be glazed.

The clay will shrink upon firing by 10 to 12%, so when throwing I have taken this into consideration to give the final approximate sizes of:

  • Mug: 8  cm wide x 4.5 cm tall
  • Scuttle: 12.5 cm wide x 9 cm tall