Stone Cat Ceramics

Naomi Etheridge
owner, designer, maker, cleaner, coffee-maker, and official cat-patter of Stone Cat Ceramics.

About Stone Cat Ceramics

Sometimes our lives seem to be spinning out of control. But it’s time to stop. Consider the lives of your ancestors – 100 years ago, 1000 years ago – they lived, just like you, with work and family and friends, but their lives seemed simpler. It’s time to recapture that simplicity and connect with your past. Hold something in your hand that reflects an object from history. Feel the quality of something personally made for you by another human being. Revel in the knowledge that the object you own was made with focused sustainable practice and environmental awareness.

I love history and pottery, so I combine the two. Since I used to be a scientist, when I find an example of a pottery object from archaeology I make sure to research all the accurate details about its history. There are so many timeless designs that I have no trouble finding beautiful archaeological objects from all times in our past – from the stone age through the thousands of years until now.

So now I recreate designs from the past, with a modern flair, so that everyone can own a small slice of history.

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This is my Story

I was born and bred in Australia, but it was when I was working as a scientist in Hanover, New Hampshire (USA) that I first tried throwing on the pottery wheel. The monopoly of my analytical side was quashed as the artisan in me burst forth! Now my artistic side has taken over and I’m making the switch from scientist to artist – although, believe it or not, they are actually very similar pursuits.

Now I live in the green outskirts of Brisbane, Australia, where I have my own studio, complete with music, coffee machine, and a studio cat, and I’m following my passion by creating unique ceramic objects to share with the world. When I’m not in the studio I’m either at the local archery range, designing new ceramic objects, tweaking my websites, or writing about ceramics.

As a bit of a tree-hugger, I’ve always had a strong sense of environmental responsibility. I am keenly aware of our footprint on the planet and so try to minimize the impact of my pottery practice on the environment around me. I use solar power, rain water (unprocessed), local materials (when I can get them), and recycled furniture and tools. All the water I use goes back to the earth.

I spend time researching archaeological sites to find beautiful examples from archaeology that I could recreate for our world. Now everyone can own a small slice of history.

My only wish is that other people enjoy the things I make as much as I enjoyed making them.

Naomi Etheridge

The kiln

My hands

The wheel never stops turning...

Freshly carved pendants.

Lots of mugs!

The finished product...